Saturday, June 18, 2005

Josie and Chloe

I feel such an emotional attachment to Josie and Chloe - Josie entered the SO house at the end of Season 1 in Chicago. Josie was pregnant and alone and homeless. Rana was her coach. Josie was unsure of who Chloe's father was. She also could not decide whether or not to place the baby for adoption. She suspected that Jonathan was the father - latter a DNA test proved he wasn't (to the relief of many viewers). Josie gave birth while in the house - Rain had to inform her that the water running down her leg was the sign that Chloe was on her way. "It's a girl" exclaimed Rana in the delivery room and thus baby Chloe became the youngest SO houseguest of all time. Season two brought Josie and Chloe to California for Season 2. We learned Chloe's true paternity and let Chloe crawl right into our hearts. We got to see Josie learn and grow as a parent and learn how to begin the long process of finding a way to support herself and Chloe. Josie seemed to reconnect with her mother - while learning that Chloe's father would have to be forced to be more responsible. Josie quickly learned that being a mom is the toughest job you will ever love. Josie and Chloe now live in a small town in Illinois with Josie's mom. Josie is currently working 2 jobs to support herself and Chloe.


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